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Hosts Jay and Marc are two bitter Knicks fans who talk everything NBA including transactions, games, rumors and fantasy. For More go to -

Do I even have to write show notes?  We talk about the draft lottery, how JR sobered up and is now playing well, we talk to the ESPN Insider editor and Derrick Rose, and answer approximately 732 questions.

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Marc and Jay talk about the conference semifinals, talk to Melo about his brand building, talk to the head of Insider about their upcoming articles, talk to Derrick Rose about his game winning shot and answer lots of questions

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Marc and Jay talk about the end of the first round of the playoffs and answer all 700 listener questions

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Marc and Jay talk about each round of the very not exciting first round of the playoffs, cover the almost nonexistant Knicks news for the week and still manage to have an insanely long show.

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We are joined by the great Robert Silverman @bobsaietta where we talk about fan appreciation night, Bargnani, temp jobs, free agency, the draft, Carmelo Anthony's comments during a recent interview, Greg Monroe, clown school, and answer the most questions we've ever received on the show

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Marc and Jay do an emergency episode to talk about the Knicks for some reason blowing their chance at a guaranteed top 4 pick.  We do the show while the Orlando game is on and get very angry as it ends.  We also check in with Derrick rose and answer listener questions.  Unlike most episodes, we get a little too angry and there is foul language in this episode.

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Marc and Jay talk about the last two weeks of games, our thoughts after watching Okafor and Towns in the tournament, Melo afraid to sit on the bench, Phil asking fans to be paient and much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the past weeks games, players we'd like to see come back, check in with JR, and more

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Marc and Jay talk about Phil Jacksons comments about trading the draft pick and Derek Fisher getting ejected more often, the last few games, the draft, tanking, checking in with Derrick Rose, and much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the rumor Phil Jackson is seeing what he can get for draft picks, Derrick Rose, steroids, the draft, crazy trades, cheap owners, and more

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