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Hosts Jay and Marc are two bitter Knicks fans who talk everything NBA including transactions, games, rumors and fantasy. For More go to -

Marc and Jay talk about the final cuts on the roster, positives and negatives about each player, and our predictions for the season

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Jay is still recovering from surgery so Marc and the robotic voice of Jay talk about preseason, the final roster, defense, contracts, and more

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Marc and Jay talk about the 3 preseason games, who will make the final roster, players we've been impressed with or not impressed with.

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Will Joakim Noah, Carmelo Anthony, and Kristaps be able to defeat the monsters of the Eastern conference and reclaim glory for the Knicks?

Jay and Marc from the New York Knicks Podcast join Lux and Chris from the Almighty Ballin Podcast for a cross-over episode, as we quest for Phil Jackson’s missing rings!

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Marc, Jay and Sean get ready for the season with some predictions, analyzing the roster, Marc setting a milestone by almost staying positive for the entire episode (almost), debating Phil Jacksons moves, and much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the contest winner, United Games, the fantasy league, Derrick Rose, and more

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Marc and Jay talk about their new giveaway, getting written up in the post, Phils newest comments about taking a 2nd round pick instead of Crowder, the media ripping on Derrick Rose, available guards, and more

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Marc and Jay are joined by artist and author Jerry Craft and his son Aren. We talk about first Knick experiences, take a journey through the Knicks point guards, Phil Files, analyze the Knicks bench, what to expect this coming season, debate whether Lance Stephenson is a good idea, and much more

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Marc, Jay and stats guy talk about the Knicks signings of Ron Baker, Chasson Randle, and J P Tokoto. We also talk about the Phil files, training camp, the olympics and more

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Marc and Jay talk about the latest Knicks signing of N'Dour, who they should get for the last spot, Derrick Rose calling the Knicks a super team, rotations, possible surprises in the roster, and much more

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