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Marc and Jay talk about this weeks games, Derrick Fishers coaching, the top rookies so far, the bench rotation, and much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the last four games, Porzingis, team leaders in defense, fantasy basketball, Porzingis, ESPN using our cutting down the Nets segment, listener questions and Porzingis

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Marc and Jay talk about the last 4 games, but mostly the Toronto and Charlotte games, Afflalo coming back, Fishers rotations, comparing Porzingis to other rookies, and much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the last 3 games, top 5 ways to fix the Knicks, top 5 beards, man on the street, the beast report, and listener questions

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Marc and Jay talk about games 1 and 2, Season predictions, the Knicks Podcast meetup, Derrick Rose, Sir Insider, Man on the Street, listener questions, and much more

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Marc and Jay do a live broadcast during their 6th annual fantasy basketball draft.  Marc hates auction style.  During the draft we do man on the street, listener questions, and argue.

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Marc and Jay talk to a bunch of people this episode including Sir Knick Hate, DeMarre Carroll, word on the street, Derrick Rost, and a Nigerian scammer.  We also talk about the preseason games, expectations, the first 10 games of the season, a possible meetup, and much more.

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Marc and Jay talk about the first two preseason games, how other rookies looked in preseason, Barnes and Fisher fight, Carroll is a beast, over and unders, listener questions and much more 

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Marc and Jay talk about preseason, the starting lineup, Derrick Rose, expectations for Carmelo, Porzingis, and the Knicks in general, and wrap up with listener questions

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Marc, Jay, and the Doc break down LeBrons statement about his teammates, is Allan Houston a top 10 all time Knick, what to expect from Derrick Fisher this season, and more

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