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Marc and Jay talk about giving books to players, JR finally getting a contract, expectations, and more

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Marc and Jay talk about the newest signings of Vujacic, Seraphin, and Greek salad, and a ton of listner questions

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Marc and Jay talk about the signing of Wesley Saunders and Darion Atkins, talk to Sir Insider, talk to JR about his contract negotiations, and answer listener questions

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Marc and Jay talk about the newest additions to the team, Bargnani joining the Nets, the first summer league game, and more

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Marc and Jay take a look at all the free agency moves, give grades for the Knicks offseason so far, and talk about what else needs to be done

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Marc and Jay get more in depth with their reaction to the draft and address all of their listener questions and concerns. And there are a lot of them.

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Jay was in class and has no idea what happened and Marc watched live, so Jay tries to guess the top 10 picks.

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Marc and Jay recap the last two games of the finals and then go into their extremely informative draft preview.

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Marc, Jay and the Doc talk about the finals, ex Knicks that are still in the finals, some draft talk, lots of listener questions and more

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Marc, Jay and new stats guy talk about the finals, the upcoming draft, potential trades and free agency signings, things the NBA needs to fix, and more

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