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Hosts Jay and Marc are two bitter Knicks fans who talk everything NBA including transactions, games, rumors and fantasy. For More go to -

Marc and Jay talk about Melo's new contract, Lebron leaving the Heat, all the other free agency moves, the state of the eastern conference, laughing at the Nets, and much more

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Marc and Jay debate where Melo will end up and debate how much he loves money, we talk about all the free agency moves so far, summer league, and much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the Felton and Chandler trade, the draft and the Knicks three picks, how we feel about the Phil Jackson era so far, overall it's one of the most positive episode we've ever had

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Josh Planos joins Marc and Jay as they talk about the finals, legacies, the Knicks new coach, trade rumors, the draft, Embiid, Derek Fisher and much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the finals, the latest Knicks rumors, worst case scenarios for this summer, more coaching talk, listener questions and more

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Marc and Jay do mini episodes of Thunder, Pacer, Spurs and Heat podcasts, listener questions and more

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Marc and Jay talk about Kerr not coaching the Knicks, New York Media, Doland Sterlings latest leaked audio, Kevin Love wanting out of Minny, playoff talk and much more

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Marc and Jay recap the final games of the first round, get a visit from DRose and D12, and answer listener questions.

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Will joins Marc and Jay for some playoff talk, covering every round, we talk a little about ther Sterling situation and also explain how the 1st amendment actually works.  We end by answering listener questions and since Marc took NyQuil before the show it gets a little insane towards the end.

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Mike Woodson conducts exit interviews with the Knicks roster and then answers listener questions.

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