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Hosts Jay and Marc are two bitter Knicks fans who talk everything NBA including transactions, games, rumors and fantasy. For More go to -

Marc and Jay talk about the Knicks win streak, who's playing well and who isn't right now, free agents to look at, Rajon Rondo, we check in with Derrick Rose, and more

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Marc and Jay talk about the Amare buyout, all star weekend, Melo shutting it down, the Prigioni trade, all the trade deadline moves and almost 100 listener questions

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In this episode we interview Art Rondeau who worked with Allan Houston and Chris Dudley in the late 90's.  Since this is a story about working with the Knicks there is obviously drama involved because it's the Knicks.

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Marc and Jay talk about the Knicks retaking first place in the race for the top draft pick, Amare considering a buyout, Melo resting for the all star game, lineups we'd like to see going forward, and much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the Knicks turnaround, interview with a crazy fan, ex Knicks starting on championship contenders, developing young players, revisiting our preseason predictions, tons of emails, facebook questions and more

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Chris Herring from the Wall Street Journal joins Marc and Jay as they talk about strategies for team building, draft prospects, revisiting the Tyson Chandler trade, player development, players to keep going forward, Amare, and much much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the winning streak, the London game, Galloway, Amundson, and Thomas, and the usual speculation about the upcoming draft and free agents

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Marc and Jay break down the JR and Shumpert trade, talk about the Galloway signing, tanking, Phil Jacksons comments on the state of the Knicks, an interview with JR, this years Knickeffect list

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Marc and Jay briefly talk about the last 3 games, take a look at the roster to see if the record is Melos fault, top 5 2015 predictions, and much more

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Marc and Jay talk about the last few losses, I mean games, interview Derek Fisher, listener questions, Knicks ticket prices, Frank Isolas tweets, and more

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