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Marc and Jay talk about the recent signings of Mindaugas Kuzminskas and Guillermo Hernangomez.  The possible return of Sasha Vujacic, the Jared Sullinger rumor, and possible players to take the last couple of roster spots. We spend some time talking about a few other signings around the league including Wade leaving Miami.

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Marc and Jay talk about all the new Knicks signings and what they do and do not like about them, who else is available and who would be a good fit, Kevin Durant jumping ship, and all the other significant free agency moves

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Marc and Jay give their thoughts on the Derrick Rose trade, talk to Rose, man on the street, what's next for the Knicks, and more

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Marc and Jay talk about the finals and Knicks rumors with Derrick Rose, JR Smith, Sir Insider, man on the street, Adam Silver, and more

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Marc and Jay talk about the finals, things to look for with our new coach, overall strategy going forward, free agents, and more

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The Knicks have a coach and it's not Rambis! Marc and Jay give their thoughts on the new Knicks coach, what they expect to see this season and how this effects roster decisions.  Some talk about the conference finals as well.

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Marc and Jay talk about all the coaches that got signed and or didn't interview with the Knicks, Phil is maybe secretly interviewing some coaches, the Knicks might be in the hunt for a draft pick, recapping the conference semifinals and previewing the conference finals

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Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about all the coaches the Knicks didn'tinterview and found jobs elsewhere, and their thoughts andpredictions on the 2nd round of the playoffs

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Marc and Jay give their final thoughts on the Knicks season, Kobe's final game, Golden State breaking the wins record, and our predictions for the first round of the playoffs.

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Marc, Jay, and Stats Guy IV wrap up the season by giving final grades to each player, comparing our pre-season predictions to the actual standings, compare last years team to this year, talk about who is staying and who is going, and more

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